• August -
    Ipca’s domestic marketing division, Intima launched brand ‘Platigain’ (Carica Papaya Leaf Extract which is used to regain platelets that are invariably depleted in Malaria & Dengue cases). Platigain is one more gem in the crown of Intima division.
    September -
    A key milestone in the journey of Pacimol – the 2nd most prescribed brand in Ipca – with the launch of two new offsprings – Pacimol MF tablets and Pacimol IV.
    November -
    Ipca received ‘Fastest Growing Business Award 2017’ during a Trade Meet of Renowned Liners with Exporters. The award was honored to Ipca by one of the renowned Carrier Maersk Line based on long association, productive inputs w.r.t shipments in Refer Containers.
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